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I am mother to four and my wonderful dil Lisa recently blessed us with our first grandchild. I share my life with my indulgent husband, and my love of hobbies

Sunday, July 19, 2015

swag pins

 so instead of using  regular pins for pegboard these are what i use, they are used normally to add a swag to to top of a window dressing.  I once used the pegs and thank G"d i wear spectacles or i would probably be less an eye as i leaned forward to get something one day and almost took out my eye on a pin sticking out of my pegboard, this was the alternative.
I hope this comes in handy for someone out there who just loves pegboard as much as i do.  If you have a problem getting them, pls be in touch as they are relatively inexpensive and i would be more than happy to help you get your hands on them should you be wanting to use these instead of the pegs

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Changing direction

Hello Peeps
I know you have all probably wondering if i fell off the face of the earth?  HELL NO!!  i am still here, lots of things have changed though, as my title to this post will indicate, i am going back to my original love of paper craft, or where it all began for me.

This was what my shop looked like around 11 years ago, well after having the shop and teaching in the shop five days a week aswell as two evening classes, i had a bit of burnout and decided to close the doors, yes with all this stock still in the shop i closed and went home.  I got a wooded shed and continued to craft on my own in my own time, No more classes and not more pressure.  then we bought a house and my husband converted our dbl garage into a studio for me. That became my new paper haven, and for the last three years i have crafted on my own and enjoyed doing things i love.  After all this time on my won i have finally started working on my scrapping pages, 3d paper projects, mini albums etc.  so now this is the space i have:

wanna come play?  i wanna try get classes up and running again, will share all my latest projects on my blog and hopefully am gonna get classes running again, feel free to tell any of your friends if they are my my area and wanna come for classes, and if theres anything i share and you interested in what i do or have queries feel free to be in touch, i do hope that i can follow through and dont forget to update my blog in the future.
feels great just writing a post after all this time
bye for now

Friday, June 13, 2014

Dilemna of storing dies

 When my husband first built my new craft room i couldnt decide how to store my dies, i initially had them in a box that i had to pull out and flip through, then i had them on this cube on the floor that i kept gettting stabbed by the pins and almost lost an eye searching for something.

 then i built the cube on a stand that i could wheel around to where i wanted it, but it kept getting in the way.
And finally one day while browsing pn pinterest i saw something similar to what i found to be my solution, this guy had used it for storing something in his tool shed, i decided, this is it FINALLY!!!

 A frame hanging on the wall takes up no space at all and i just added sheets of peg board with little hinges and in between i added board that i glued magnetic sheeting to so i could add the dies that cant be hung.
 for the ones that i could hang i just used swag pins as they dont protrude, as you can see there are loads you can store on this solution and i have also spaced them so that i can keep adding to it, he he.
 hope someone finds this solution useful

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Magnolia projects that went to Sweden

I honestly dont recall whether all of these projects were published in the last Magnolia Magazine that i was featured in, but decided since all the work i put into these projects i will just share.
I warn you here, this post is picture heavy!!

 this cube spins on the stand to reveal a different image on each side of the cube, invented by moi, he he

 a little birdcage featuring our favourite little Magnolia's and tons of butterflies

 this hot air balloon i saw somewhere and for the life of me cant remember where i got the inspiration from, if i remember will come back and add the link
 and then just a few sweet baby cards with the little shoes to match that you could put a pair of socks or something small inside of.

 thats enough for now, will share more as i either make or find that i havent shared yet

Altered clock

I know that you probably been thinking i have fallen off the face of the earth, but alas i am still here.
I made this altered clock some time back for Magnolia Sweden and just never got round to sharing it, so since i been thinking of sharing more of my scrapbooking project on my scrapping blog i decided to pop in and share this little project too.

So this was the clock when i started out, it was a real piece of drek, once i painted it and shabbied it up with a little class i am really pleased with how it turned out, sadly it went to Sweden for a new home, but is till got the pictures, so am pleased to share them with you here.
will share more when i find more time and stop chasing my tail

Friday, July 12, 2013

Where bloggers Create

So as you know from my previous post below i am joining in the party for Where bloggers Create  if you go to the link, you will be totally blown away by all the spaces that my fellow bloggers have.  While this post goes live we, that is my family and i are enjoying the sunshine and waves of the Indian ocean on the Natal South Coast where my folks live, so pls feel free to leave a comment, i shall be visitin all of you when i get back.  For now here is a photo HEAVY blog post of what how my space looks.  There have been a few changes since the last time i posted pics of my space as if you scroll down you will see the changes i have made in the last couple of weeks or so.
 these are the paper stands on your left as you come in the main door to my craft room/studio
 in the centre of the room i have a table that i made from pallers and then put a huge plastic sheet over
 as you can see my punches are now on some old cot/crib rails that i salvaged from the side of the road, they we still smoldering when i rescued them, lol.  My kids in the back of the car were like "ah no ma, you aint gonna put those in the car, are you?"  damn right i did.  See how well they work for my punches.
 that there is my home made light box for taking pics of my cards for my blog, when i get back into the swing of thins.
 On top of my light box is my cricut, under a striped dust cover,
 My cutting station with my Ebosser under a gingham dust cover, my trusty cuttlebug and guillotine
 My home made swivel stand for all my dies, it opens up with more space inside, check the post below for more pics here, you will have to scroll down to see the inside of this stand
 And sadly my big shot without a dustcover and very neglected
 the little corner of the room that i use for coloring and stamping, lately though i find i use the centre table for a lot of creating as scrapbooking requires a lot more space than this, lol

 My Martha Stewart punches on another crib rail

 rhinestones and flat backed pearls in all the bottles on this stand
 the tower with all these plastic boxes keeps a variety of things, but at least i can see whats in the boxes at a glance
 these are some more rescued items, they were spice racks that now house my buttons, glittah and those nobs that you see poking their heads out have cut and dry foam on them for my distress inks, have enough to fill that stand just need to pop them in

 this stand at the end of my table has eyelets and brads in the bottles and those flat plastic boxes, each of the compartments open individually for easy access to the color brad or eyelet required

 Another view of those shelves that dominate my room, housing all my flowers in the jars, and then some garlands in teh glass jars.
Well i do hope you enjoy have a look around