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I am mother to four and my wonderful dil Lisa recently blessed us with our first grandchild. I share my life with my indulgent husband, and my love of hobbies

Sunday, July 19, 2015

swag pins

 so instead of using  regular pins for pegboard these are what i use, they are used normally to add a swag to to top of a window dressing.  I once used the pegs and thank G"d i wear spectacles or i would probably be less an eye as i leaned forward to get something one day and almost took out my eye on a pin sticking out of my pegboard, this was the alternative.
I hope this comes in handy for someone out there who just loves pegboard as much as i do.  If you have a problem getting them, pls be in touch as they are relatively inexpensive and i would be more than happy to help you get your hands on them should you be wanting to use these instead of the pegs

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Changing direction

Hello Peeps
I know you have all probably wondering if i fell off the face of the earth?  HELL NO!!  i am still here, lots of things have changed though, as my title to this post will indicate, i am going back to my original love of paper craft, or where it all began for me.

This was what my shop looked like around 11 years ago, well after having the shop and teaching in the shop five days a week aswell as two evening classes, i had a bit of burnout and decided to close the doors, yes with all this stock still in the shop i closed and went home.  I got a wooded shed and continued to craft on my own in my own time, No more classes and not more pressure.  then we bought a house and my husband converted our dbl garage into a studio for me. That became my new paper haven, and for the last three years i have crafted on my own and enjoyed doing things i love.  After all this time on my won i have finally started working on my scrapping pages, 3d paper projects, mini albums etc.  so now this is the space i have:

wanna come play?  i wanna try get classes up and running again, will share all my latest projects on my blog and hopefully am gonna get classes running again, feel free to tell any of your friends if they are my my area and wanna come for classes, and if theres anything i share and you interested in what i do or have queries feel free to be in touch, i do hope that i can follow through and dont forget to update my blog in the future.
feels great just writing a post after all this time
bye for now