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I am mother to four and my wonderful dil Lisa recently blessed us with our first grandchild. I share my life with my indulgent husband, and my love of hobbies


i had every intention of adding a few tips and tricks here when i added this tab to my main page, sadly i have neglected this page, so i decided there is no time like the present to start adding to it.
Since  i sell a lot of flat backed pearls and often get asked how to pick them up and place them i am using this as the first tip:
1)   if your pearls are like mine and not sticky backed, pour them into a fairly flat lid of some sort, you will see a few are the wrong way up
 shake the lid on the desk from side to side and watch most of the pearls are now the right way up to pick up and place over the dot of glue that you lay down on your project
an ordinary crayon will be enought to pick up the pearl and not too sticky that it wont let go when placed on the little dot of glue.  voila!


  1. I am also going to give this a try while on holiday! Thanks Paola
    May God bless you with good health and peace in 2013


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