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Saturday, November 13, 2010

NEC sharing the fun times!!!!

 NEC Birmingham UK, oh my word i had such a good time!!!  Before i get to sharing all the fun let me tell you i was livid when i heard that Magnolia hadnt pitched, i felt positively green around the gills, i could have thrown up.  Although i must add it didnt deter me one bit, as you will see further down i still managed to spend a LOT on Maggies.
 i met Carol from blog land as she is also South African we connected right away and had been visiting one another on Skype daily for the last six months or so.  I was so happy to meet her and it sure was the highlight of my trip to actually connect with her.  You can visit Carol's blog HERE to see her amazing work.
Now this was a real surprise, i met Marlene who i have been stalking in blog land FOREVER!! long before it even occurred to me to start a blog of my own i found this lovely ladies blog.  Marlene was probably one of the first blogs i discovered and surely was one of the first to inspire  me to get blogging, also after finding her blog i bought my first Sugar Nellies.  Was a real treat to meet her in the flesh.
I follow Tammy's and had no idea it was hers until Carol introduced us.  This lady was so bubbly and warm i felt like i had known her all my life.  Her work is out of this world and she is fairly new to having her own blog so if you havent started following her yet you GOTTA POP IN FOR A VISIT AND FOLLOW! HERE

had to get Carol and Tammy together.  I must also add that i hate having my picture taken i always look so stupid, never know how to pose etc.  All of the above pictures were taken on the Friday and for me it was such a short day as i still had to make my way back to London where i was staying for my holiday in the Uk, so it was rush rush rush.  I got to meet Jacqui from Cats whiskers and she is such a  darling, a sweeter lady i have yet to meet.  I have met real dragons while doing this blogging lark, but this lady was a real honey.
 Then on Sunday since i am a sucker for craft goodies i raced back all the way to Birmingham and the NEC to meet my friend Penni and her family.  Penni was the winner of my very first candy that i ever had on my blog and we thought the candy had gotten lost along the way as it took sooooo looong to get to her and while emailing back and forth we became firm friends and keep in touch regularly.  Luv ya hunny.
These are some of the goodies that i either bought or were given to me by either Carol or Penni, boy was i spoilt rotten!  We raced from stall to stall and couldnt get enough, believe me had i had more money i could have gotten ssssoooo much MORE!!
 Twenty stamps from the LOTV stand, lucky for me that Carol already had been in touch with Jacqui and asked her to put stamps aside for us, and we got there real early to pick them up, cos by Sunday they were almost gone, some of the new releases were gone.
30 Magnolia stamps that i had to get from Crafts u love since Magnolia didnt get to the show, but i wasnt too put out as i am not sure my budget would have managed had Magnolia been there, LOL.  As you can see i got a lot of stuff, my dear friend Penni also bought me a light studio for taking better pictures of my cards, i just havent managed to change the plugs and set it up yet.  There were just toooooo many things i WANTED!
Half way through the day i was run down by a geriatric on a four by four and my left foot was crushed under the bar at the back of the little cart she was driving, now believe me when i tell you i was in agony, my foot is broken and i am now in a moon boot for six weeks, but that didnt stop me running from stall to stall and my dear friend Penni and her husband were so worried about me, they saw me back to the train and waited till it came and saw me on safely.  BRITISH people ROCK!!!!! so polite and accommodating, wish i could have stayed a little longer, but i missed my husband and my kids and i am doing dems at a craft show in South Africa tomorrow, hope no one else runs me down, he he.
Have a great weekend, and if you have been through this long post and are still here, come back soon as i will be sharing some of my new goodies with a little candy.


  1. Welcome back. Missed you and it seems you had a wonderful time, and boy o boy all that wonderfull loot!!!! Take care, don't overdo it now, relax and enjoy making creations. Can't wait to see them. Warm wishes

  2. It's so nice that you got to meet your blog friends and get so much stash along the way.....hope your foot is healing well, wow, that must have been soooo painful.....thanks for sharing.xx

  3. Sorry to hear about your foot hun that sounds very painful!! So glad you had a great time, it was such a lovely surprise to bump into you while I was there too! hugs Jane x

  4. Oh Paola, so sorry to hear about your foot hun. At least it never stopped you from spending, though you must have been in such a lot of pain. It was a pleasure meeting you hun - such a friendly, out going person. You welcomed me as if we had known each other for ages....made my day...thank you. I too was very disappointed Magnolia wasnt got my stamps from CraftsUlove too. I do have the same attitude as you....if the Magnolia stand was there....I would have defo needed a bank loan. lol. Will continue to check by your blog Hun. You take care, relax with your stash and keep the brilliant creations coming. Loads of Love Tammy xx

  5. Lovely post Paola and I bet it was so nice to met everyone!! Hope the foot is a bit better!!!

    What a lot of stash hope you get lots of time to play with it all!!!!

    Will look forward to seeing your designs Love Chanelle xxx

  6. Look like you had an amazing time dear.
    Sorry for your foot, hope is a lot better now.

  7. So sorry to hear about your foot - do take care with the demos. I too looked for the Magnolia stall as they were supposed to be there. Thanks for this lovely post - delightful seeing your goodies & look forward to seeing your creations.
    Much love
    Paula (PEP)

  8. Looks like you had a wonderful time. You look simply gorgeous in these pictures hon. A diva for sure! Take it easy on that foot, at least you can use if for an excuse to play crafts.

  9. Paola sorry to hear about your foot...ouch that must be very sore. It is so good to put a face with our internet buddies ...thanks for sharing your special trip with us all.

  10. Oh, wow, you really shopped!!!! Sounds like you had a great time....thanks for sharing! Take care of that foot...OUCH!!!!

  11. Sounds like you had a lovely time at the NEC Paola! I was at the SECC the week before but it would be a very small show compared to the NEC!! Seemed to manage to spend enough anyway. Hope your poor foot is feeling a bit better now.

    Kat xx

  12. WOW what fab stash you bought, looks like you had an amazing time. Put your put and get crafting! Hope it's better soon x

  13. Wow Paola sounds like you had a fab time. I'm real sorry I couldn't make it down to meet you.

    I know what you mean about those scooters! I got run over by one while I was already on crutches!

    I will see you next time you come for sure.

  14. Sounds to me that even a broken foot couldn't slow you down for one minute! Look at all that loot! I'm pea green with envy - not that I'd have time to ink everything up and get it made into a card, but you know it "the gotta haves" that keep us going. Take care of that broken foot and be a good girl!

  15. Oh NO!!! A broken foot?!! That stinks!! Good new, though, you were still able to enjoy your trip!!! Looks like you made out like a bandit!! I can't wait to see the creations you will be able to come up with using all those fabby products! Welcome back, darlin'. Glad you had fun...broken foot an all!! Pat Frank

  16. Sooooo envious of your trip, but at least I could enjoy it via your feedback here. Thanks for sharing your experiences (including the foot -ouch). Can't wait to see what cards you now make with your new goodies!

  17. When can I come for a play date? Those goodies look amazing!! Glad you had a fab time and sorry to hear about the foot. Hope to see you soon.

  18. Hello sweetiepie!
    Gosh.. it was so wonderful to meet you too!
    You are a total darlin and am glad to see you spoilt yourself [and got spoilt by others!] at the show.

    Not so pleased to hear about your accident and hope your foot is getting better real soon!
    Think I might call you Miss Hop-along for the next 6 weeks.. lol

    Fabulous pics and can't wait to hear about your own demo experience

    Chat soon [and promise to look for this skype thingy]

    Huggles, Marlene xxxx

  19. WOW looks like you had so much fun and look at all those goodies,have fun playing with it all!!!
    Hugs xx

  20. These pics are fab Paola. So pleased you got to meet some blogfriends. The new stash looks wonderful, a girl can't have enough hey! Look forward to seeing some new creations.

  21. Welcome home Paola, so glad you had a great time. Where has the time gone! Speak

  22. Oh my gosh girl!!!!!!!! Your foot is broken!!!!! HOLY COW!!!!!!! Not fun!! sorry to hear that but I am glad that you had anover all great time...

    I bet you can't wait to play with ALL of your new goodies..
    hugs sweets..


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