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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

SNOW!!!! in Africa

it has been snowing all day
it started off as a light dusting and then it came down like a blizzard

hope this keeps up all night and we wake up tomorrow morning to a white world.
already told my kids no school tomorrow if its snowing, bring on the snow, yeeeeha!!!!!

this whole day has been just magical to me having grown up in SA what are the odds that i would ever encounter snow, and for my kids i think this may be a once in a lifetime phenomenon, why not enjoy it while we can i say.


  1. Oh, are you serious!!! Enjoy the snow while it lasts, Paola. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  2. Wow! how amazing is that! I wouldn't have thought it was possible for that to happen in SA!!! enjoy!! hugs, Jane x

  3. How wonderful for the kids to experience snow.... enjoy it while it lasts...

    Miss you

  4. So lovely to see. Maybe we will get snow at home in Cape Town one day. A wonderful experience for you all.

  5. Fabulous pics!! A wonderland for sure. Hope you get enough to make a serious snowman! Thanks for the share.....


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