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Friday, June 13, 2014

Dilemna of storing dies

 When my husband first built my new craft room i couldnt decide how to store my dies, i initially had them in a box that i had to pull out and flip through, then i had them on this cube on the floor that i kept gettting stabbed by the pins and almost lost an eye searching for something.

 then i built the cube on a stand that i could wheel around to where i wanted it, but it kept getting in the way.
And finally one day while browsing pn pinterest i saw something similar to what i found to be my solution, this guy had used it for storing something in his tool shed, i decided, this is it FINALLY!!!

 A frame hanging on the wall takes up no space at all and i just added sheets of peg board with little hinges and in between i added board that i glued magnetic sheeting to so i could add the dies that cant be hung.
 for the ones that i could hang i just used swag pins as they dont protrude, as you can see there are loads you can store on this solution and i have also spaced them so that i can keep adding to it, he he.
 hope someone finds this solution useful


  1. Very ingenious Paola! Absolutely marvellous TFS

  2. What a lot of dies Paola!! Great solution if one has room for it :o)
    Big Hugs, Candy

  3. Thanks for this beautiful artistic site Paola. I am really enjoying myself browsing through your blogs. I just started to explore the properties of copic markers. But I find it difficult to find the copic markers I want. I tried your email link, but it doesn't work. Can you please email me on , as I have some questions regarding this, as they are hard to find in Johannesburg.

    Love and light


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