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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

losing our Readers

to continue to follow me i found a gadget that you can see in my sidebar at the very top on the right, hope to see my followers

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It seems that some clever dick has decided we need a new way of following the blogs we like to keep updated with, heaven only knows why, well thats the situation so i have had to go with the times and change to a thingy called Bloglovin that i havent a clue how it works.  Nonetheless, i have transferred all my readers to the new format and hope i will learn to get along with some of this new technology.  Sadly it says i only have about 20 readers, so i do hope you will all pop over and join me
P.S:  I am still around, only am trying to do a scrapbook for my sons upcoming wedding anniversary, so let me know if you interested in taking a peek at a few scrapping layouts and i will share whats keeping me busy


  1. Yes yes yes share i dont scrap but do love looking at them. I am just seeing that a few peeps i follow are moving so will have check this out. I hadnt seen the notice where do i find it. It has taken year to build up my followers such a shame to loose them

  2. GFC stays. Only Google reader stops. Those 2 are not the same.


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