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Sunday, March 3, 2013

reason for my abscense

this post is not for the feint hearted!!!!
since the wound has now healed i thought i would share with y"all what exactly an awl is and how dangerous they are!

this is the offender:
i stuck it clean through my finger, dont ask!! you can see the entrance and exit wound here in the picture, boy did i get a fright!
 you can barely see the entrance wound here
once it was through, i had to pull it out again! cos i had a latex glove on while i was working with silicone!
and then of course it was so dirty, as you can see by the sight of the handle, i had to get the tetanus shot just to be on the safe side.
well i am all healed, however working furiously on a few things for the Magnolia ink so i am not sure if i will have anything else to share for a while
see you soon


  1. omg how did you do that so deep and gosh i would have fainted no way could i have pulled itout. You are so brave

  2. Oh my Paola, did your finger slip with the gloves and silicone glue. That must have been so painful, so sorry that you had to go through that, but thanks for the warning to be very careful when working with an awl.
    Love and hugs
    Susan xxx

  3. That sounds so awful. Bet it was painful and hard to work at cards. Glad you're doing ok now. Take care and don't let it happen again. Edna

  4. OOOOHHHHHH..... so glad you are healing now!!! I once dropped a pair of sewing scissors right above my knee, so I know what you mean about having to pull it out!! You kind of just stare in shock for a minute and then realize that "this is gonna hhuuuurrrrrttttt!!!!!!! LOL!! I still have my scar and it was quite a few years ago!! But to have it happen to your finger.... ouch!!!
    Take care!!!

  5. OMG, that HAD to HURT! Ouch, Ouch, Ouch! Glad that it's healed up with no problems. Be more careful with yourself, gal!

  6. Good golly miss molly! You never do things by half measures do you? So glad that you're healed and. Back to crafting again. I'm not sure but maybe you should have your crafting license revoked! Hee hee!

    Our computer is supposed to be ready tomorrow but it might not be until Monday. I can't wait to have some girl time chat again.


  7. What the what??? I tell ya, between hot glue guns and awls, life in the craft studio is DANGEROUS!!! Ouch...I'll bet that hurt like crazy!! Glad you're on the mend!! Be careful, woman!! Hugs. Pat


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