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Monday, March 8, 2010


This post is for the copic users of South Africa escpecially those that buy from me!  As you are aware for some time now we have only had ciao and markers available to us.  I am pleased to announce that i had a very promising meeting with the powers that be in the heirarchy of wholesalers and importers of copics on Friday.
If you are in South Africa and use copics or if you buy from me please be in touch via email as this will be a costly venture that will require us all to stand together.  Now dont be afraid i am not asking you to foot the bill, i just need to gauge response before i go into this blind and stick my neck out for nothing.  Those that know me and have ordered their copics from me in the past are aware of the kind of service i give my customers and also pricing, i am hoping to be able to still give you the same or similar pricing and service, so the sooner we get together, the sooner i can sign and seal the deal.

Why arent you emailing me yet?  Its for sketches hello!!!!!!!! The sooner we get our sketches the better!!!!


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