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Thursday, January 6, 2011


This is a SHOCKING reality of cyber space!!! i dont claim to be a saint any day, but i must draw the line somewhere!  I have been accused of this very thing and believe me it left me feeling really LOW!!  The fact that my character and integrity were in question left me reeling.
A couple of weeks ago i came across a site that was hosting a challenge prize, so being who i am i went to see what the possibilities were, "should i be a winner" i mean no point in entering if you dont wanna win the Prize, Right?  I came across a sponsor who had images from a lady whom i know is a fab artist of the most AMAZING FAERIES!! namely Linda Ravenscroft  Lo and behold the people sponsoring were people who had stolen her art work, what do i do?  Well i also work for another lady namely Maurie Manning whose work is uncomparable and finally someone who is willing to take the bull by the horns, she has mad this amazing blinkie to root out all those underhanded individuals, so pop over and get it for your blog.  I have it in my sidebar and would love for my followers to add it to their blog in support of these wonderful artists who share their amazing talents with us humble individuals.  May i suggest that you go and look at the similarities from these two blogs and their images: and  Linda's blog, the images may have been removed by now from the ididitcreations blog, but i have a memery that stretches beyond time.
thanks for all your time while i waffled away


  1. I put this blinkie up on my blog too. I don't know how people can justify stealing from others and calling it art.

  2. This is such a sad case, already have the logo on my blog , Paola , we are with Mo !!

  3. This is shocking! I had heard that this sometimes happens, but I hadn't actually witnessed it before. Good for you for taking a stance. Thanks for sharing the blinkie. I'm going to add it to my blog.

  4. Thank you for sharing this!! I have made adjustments in things and will be putting this on my blog!!

  5. Paola and everyone else joining with us in spirit and in blinkie (hehe!) Thank you so much. It's really been frustrating (and creativity-sapping) to discover so many of my images stolen, the watermarks and my signature removed and then posted by a person who congratulates herself on all the "hard work" she had to do to "clean up" the art. All of us who draw are finding the same problem.

    I feel strongly that with the help of all of you and your eagle eyes, together we can make it much more difficult for image thieves. We artists WANT to be able to draw images for you to use, but we do need to pay our bills! xoxoMo

  6. hmmmmm jaaa... terrible.
    i can sing a song about stuff like this as well :-(

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and entering my blog candy.

    I hope you will return ...

    big hugs for you...Claudia


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