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Saturday, November 10, 2012


Time for another one of my rants:  Yes i know i do this from time to time and i appreciate all your patience with me when having one of my rants, but this is just ludicrous.
We all of us as bloggers know how hard we work for the upkeep of our blogs and take tremendous pride in them even when we get busy with real life and our blogs take a bit of a back seat in the big scheme of things.  I started a Magnolia blog two years ago and called it Marvellous Maggies i gotta tell you i haggled over this name for quite some time before deciding on it, lo and behold if someone doesnt decide to call their challenge blog Marvellous Magnolia, now how close is that for comfort?  Really original wouldnt you say?
I really just wanted to have a little rant and ask those of you that read my blog how you would feel if your blog name was stolen reused?  Couldnt they come up with anything more original?  how do you stumble upon a name and decide well if i misspell marvellous and call it the full Magnolia name, is that acceptable?
Really i often wonder if this blogging lark is worth the trouble.  I have had my Marvellous Maggie blog since early 2011, and now this challenge blog has popped up in October 2012.
Good one! let me hear your thoughts
have a great weekend while i stew in my juices, lol
P:S:  the saddest thing is that there is nothing i can do about it besides for rant on my blog, since this is MY blog i can say what i like. 
i find it hard to believe that the owner of the abovementioned challenge blog didnt know about my name since its been in the Magnolia Ink magazine for two years now and its been all over the Magnolia Sweden blogs etc


  1. I would be PISSED OFF!!! Is there anything you can do??


  2. The nerve of some people. Should I send Cousin Vinny, or maybe Sandy.

  3. thats aweful, but unfortunately, we all get our things "cased" ... they do say copying is the best form of flattery... but I know how you would be upset- I would be livid, I would politely comment on each and every one of their cards, bringing to their attention how their name is too similar to yours and they should consider changing it... ON EVERY SINGLE post of theirs :0) Here's hoping they dont steal your ideas of your cards! XOX Tania

  4. Soul destroying and so irritating. Why can't everyone be a bit considerate?
    Sorry about this aggravation, Paola - keep doing what you do though. Everyone appreciates it.
    Yvonne (Hellyar)

  5. Am I the only one who thinks there is a lack of respect going on here? Before someone starts any kind of blog, should they do a little Google search to see if it comes up already? I'm so sorry this happened to your blog, and I guess it can happen to any of us. Hugs, Gail


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