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Sunday, February 21, 2010


Now before you decide that i am venting because of sour grapes let me assure you sour grapesis not the case.  Since this is MY blog and i can post whatever i like on it i am.   I wanna know what y"all really think of Mister linky drawing on the challenges and what your consensus is on prizes you get for the challenges you enter.  I won a prize nearly two months ago and have yet to see ANYTHING!
I love entering the challenges and do it for the fun and inspiration, but when i see some of the cards that win, i become very dispondent, i geuss i just need someone to make me feel like its all worthwhile.
While i am on a roll, how you feeling about blog hopping for candy?  Must say i like entering candy but if i got to go from blog, to blog and lose my way and go back again and some of the blog hoppers along the way are not up to speed with their post for the hop you gotta go back later, i just would rather not have the candy, cos by the time i am done i got a head ache and really would rather be doing some crafting instead of feeding another potential migraine.


  1. Hi Paola, I think Mr Linky's a good thing cos it gives everyone a fair chance, no matter what level of crafter you are and gives a much needed boost of confidence.

    As for your prize I'd chase it up, I had to once and lady was most apologetic, thought it had been sent.

    Can't be bothered blog hopping to much like hard work.

    Love all your cards, keep it up.

    Hugs Sarah x xx

  2. Hi Paoloa,
    I am pleased with the Mr.Linky. I think it gives everyone a chance, even for the less experienced among us. As for the blog hopping, I don't have time for it, may look at one or two, but not the whole list. I have been lucky to receive the prizes I have one, except for only one small gift.
    Really love your cards

  3. I can live with mr. Linky. I think living in Africa has a lot to do with how long things take to get to you. I just recieved some candy I won way back in November last year on Thursday. So I would say it is propably on the way to you. I ordered some Magnolias at the end of last year and I am still waitiug!
    I hate having to jump through hoops to enter blog candy and I often just skip doing it all together.
    Love your cards and will contact you about buying some stamps soon.

  4. Hi Paola, I think drawing a random winner is probably easier on a lot of challenges when there are a lot of entries. It does boost your confidence if you win. Some challenges have a random winner and a top 3 or 5 or whatever and sometimes I think it would be nice to be in that top 3 or 5. But it all comes down to a matter of taste doesn't it? I quite like blog hops if they are not too long otherwise they are a bit time consuming and I never seem to have much time nowadays!!

    Kat xx

  5. Hi Paola, Tried to post last night, but blogger wouldnt let me comment. Thanks for choosing me in your candy. I have emailed you my address.
    In answer to your questions, I have not been in the position for ages where things havent arrived,(either stuff I have bought or gifts I have been sent) but I would be very upset if someone promised something and didnt send it. A few years ago I was in a couple of swaps where the people said they sent the stuff but,well, I am still waiting! Rather dont promise the things in the first place.
    I also agree that Mr. Linky is a nice idea otherwise the same people would win every time,plus it makes it easier to choose when you have loads. I do think it should be clear exactly how they are going to choose the winner though. I think some of the blogs choose a few on merit though, for an award,and or allow the person to be a guest designer the next week which is a nice idea.
    As for blog hops I find them quite fun when there are just a few blogs to go to, but any more than 5-7 and I just get lost on the way and give up. What I find just as irritating as blog hops though is those candies where there are loads of different steps before you can enter. One candy I saw there were 9 or 10 different steps including becoming a follower on her website and 3 of her friends. I just found that too much work! Hope that doesnt sound too strong, dont want to upset anyone.

  6. I agree with you on the hops and candy. If it's not to much of a list it can be fun, but to much and I just give up. Also hate it when they say that you must be a follower of ALL participants. Hopefully it's just the mails that are holding up your candy and it will eventually arrive!
    Hang in there,

  7. Hi Paola, this is an interesting perspective - thanks for posting. Last year I entered a month-long contest based on weekly sketches. The winner was to be chosen by the blog owner. At the end of the month the winner chosen was shocking and disheartening. I felt -and still do feel- my work was far superior in design and technique. It took me a long time to reconcile.

    I think Mr. Linky/In Linkz to number entries and to pick a winner is the best way to be fair to everyone entering. These days, I enter challenges in the hopes of getting more exposure for my personal blog and my design team blogs. I don't think I will win that one prize, but I may gain a few new friends.

    Perhaps Kat is right - the top 3 or 5 is the better place to be, since those positions are *not* random.

    As far as blog candy goes, I won't hop for it and I only enter if there is something I will genuinely use. There seems to be a lot of crap on offer these days... I think the prevalence of blog candy and the "must be a follower" requirement has really diluted the usefulness of "following". I subscribe via RSS feeds to favorite blogs these days, so I don't regularly look at the list of blogs I'm following. It really needs a good "Spring cleaning"!

    I'm planning on doing my first blog candy for my birthday in May. I'm really on the fence about the "follow me" requirement. I have 48 followers now, and I really feel like I earned them. If I do blog candy, will that be diluted and become meaningless? I don't know.

    So, I think you are on the right track using challenges as inspiration and fun. I'm sorry that you haven't received your goodies - have you checked back with them? Perhaps there is a tracking number they can give you. I don't know anything about getting mail to SA. I'm in the US, and I'm surprised that it takes as long (about 3 weeks) to get a package from Canada as it does from Thailand!


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