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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mo's dp 2 challenge

A reminder that there is a new challenge on Mo's challenge blog looking for pearls and flowers, and this challenge was set by me, unofrtunately i have a tale to tell:
BOOM CRASH!!! my poor laptop has finally decided to give up the ghost!  My son the hunny, took my laptop to do an overhaul about three weeks ago, the thing came back working like a demon.  It was super fast, everything was one click away, so yesterday morning i had some running around to do and left it on, no problem there, however when i came back to it i noticed that it had fallen into sleep mode, SLEEP MODE? try as i may, i couldnt rouse him , it seem after i called my son the IT doc, the prognosis was very poor.  Seems my two year old laptop has seen the last of me.  I must have worked the poor thing to death!
So now i am on the home PC thats older than my ancestors and doesnt support the software on my camera, do you think i can find the disc to reload to my home pc, thats no where to be seen.
Oh well will try and get sorted soon, please be patient while i try and sort out this nightmare i call my life.
see y"all soon


  1. Awww! I understand My Laptop is doing what it feels like these days I hold my breath everytime I switch it on, Well that is if I don't have to attempt to switch it on 6 times!

    I think it is about to give up too!

    Hope you get it sorted soon.

  2. Sorry to hear about you laptop. Is it not possible to download what you need from the internet if you cannot find the disc. It might take for ever though if your home pc is old, but might help. Or contact the manufacturer, I had the problem with one of my newer printers and was sent a free disc with the software to suit my old lady, so I could use the new with the old. Hope you come right Paola, shame you don't need this to happen. Look forward to your next creation know it will be worth the wait.xxxx


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