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Friday, February 1, 2013

things dont always go according to plan

I had a vision for this image, but if i tell you when i look at it now, i ask myself "what was i thinking?"
the paper is too busy and my image seemed to get a bit lost.  However i thought i would share with you anyway, since i know that i havent posted much lately.
I was reorganising my studio a few weeks ago and pushed a wall unit that i hadnt unpacked, across the room and managed to tear the ligaments in my back, so i have kinda been man down!  will be a few more weeks before i manage to feel 100 % again, but am pleased to share that i am feeling a lot better.
so for my card i used lots of layers of die cuts and doillies, tons of Gesso on each layer, a pearly flourish and i would have liked to have made the image appear as if she were on a layer of flowers, oh well you win some and lose some.  I haven seemed to recieve any new stamps in months so i went ahead and bought this one as i just had to have her.  Hopefully the postman will bring me some new stamps soon so i can get inspired by all the new stamps out there and start to share some more of my work.


  1. I dun think it's too bz. I love that the image actually sits dreamily on clouds of love! Very creative!

  2. Wow this card is gorgeous. I love all about it and the coloration stamp is fantastic.
    Great job.

  3. You've certainly got lots of pretty things in your card Paola.

    Hope your back feels better.

  4. Gorgeous Paola. She is a beauty!


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