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I am mother to four and my wonderful dil Lisa recently blessed us with our first grandchild. I share my life with my indulgent husband, and my love of hobbies

Monday, March 28, 2011

a few more wedding pics to share.

My parents and my son the groom:
My little ones, they are so close, Eden, my little girl, was ushered around all day by her brother, i caught this pic of them while he was telling her not to be in the way and he's holding her hand so that she wont run off and get involved, they are so sweet and he so protcetive of his little sister
then a few more pics of my lovely dil lighting candles

lastly a pic while they were signing the registrar:  if anyone is interested in seeing a few of the proffessional photo's done by the photographer you can follow this link:Jason and Lisa at Killarney country club and just scroll down.


  1. These photos are lovely your two little ones are so sweet. The professional photos are amazing too.

    Hope to chat soon.


  2. Awww how sweet are the two littlies?! Luv it! Gonna check out the professional pics now. Thanks for sharing. Lotsa luv, hugs xxxx

  3. Such beautiful pics, your little ones are just precious.xx

  4. Just love the picture and the professional ones are just so dreamy!! But where are you!!! Love Chanelle xxx

  5. Your youngest son with Eden is just delightful & it's a delight to see such a traditional ceremony being honoured & celebrated in this day & age.
    Paula (PEP)

  6. Your two little ones are so sweet! The professional pictures are lovely, but my favorite it the very last one, of them on the dance floor. You can see the joy just shining out of them.

  7. All the wedding pictures are wonderful - wonderful Paola! Thanks for sharing!!!
    XO Sandy


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