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Saturday, March 5, 2011

MIA for March

Hi all my blogging friends, i thought i would just do a post to keep you all in the know:
As i am sure you have noticed my blog has been pretty dead lately, my son is getting married on the 20th March, so we dont really have long to go till THE BIG DAY!
In Febuary we had quite a stressful month as i had to run around doing a whole barrage of tests at oncology, paediatric hospital with my eldest daughter who is eight, and has been suffering severe migraines for quite sometime.  Then one afternoon came home from school with a very bad migraine and her eyes started bleeding.  Thank G"d, they didnt find anything sinister going on, she has high blood pressure and cluster migraines which caused the bleeding in her eyes.  She has been put on medication and seems to be doing much better.
Then last weekend my little boy who is six bit his tongue and had to go to the emergency rooms for stitches in his tongue, five in total, his explanation, "my sisters made me so mad, i bit my tongue" can you believe that a six year old little boy can suffer with such rage!  This week we have the Largest craft show thats happens once a year in South Africa hosted in Jhb, so i have been doing my bit for the crafting world helping out at the show.  Between all the drama that life deals to a mother i am running to fittings for my dress and my two little girls that are gonna be the flower girls at the big event.
You may have read previously that i couldnt find them shoes, well good news on that front, i did finally find shoes for them, not what i wanted, however i am at the end of my tether and finally succumbed to getting whatever i could find, so they have shoes.  In between all of the above i have been comissioned to making cards for a lady that makes gift packs so i need to find time to do those too otherwise my craft stash is gonna start suffering and we just cant let that happen.
So if you have read this far and are all nodding your heads or nodding off by this time, i just wanted you all to know that this month you wont see much of me, however i did manage to make a couple of cards for some of my dt commitments last month while i still had time.  I have NOT resigned my dt positions, NO WAY! I have taken leave from my dt commitments for the month of March to focus on the wedding.  We have two weeks left and i am hosting a dinner for the grooms retinue, then we will have a tea at Synogogue on the morning of the 19th March, then after the morning tea i will be hosting a luncheon at my humble home.  Besides for all of this i will be housing all of our family members that live in other parts of Africa that are travelling to Johannesburg to attend the wedding.  I am sure by now you can all understand why i will be out of  action for a while.
Here's hoping that my followers aren't going to desert me, and i will be sure and post loads of pictures when i come back after the wedding.


  1. WOW Paola - you do have a LOT going on - LOL. I'm sure the wedding will be AMAZING - I look forward to seeing some pics!

  2. My heart goes out to you with the children Paola no wonder you don't know which way to turn next!!! Hope the littleones medication is the cure for her will cross everything for her!!

    Have a fabulous time in the run up to the wedding and I hope everything goes smoothly and you have the most wonderful day and don't forget to take lots of photo's!!!!

    Love & Hugs Chanelle xxxxx

  3. Phew! that is a LOT of goings on Paola! glad your little ones are on the mend and how exciting to have a wedding on the horizon! it is same day as my little girl's birthday! It sounds like it will be fabulous! Enjoy! hugs, Jane xxx

  4. Gosh! You really had a lot on your plate lately! Hope the medicine for your girl is helping...what a shock this must have been!
    All the best for the wedding preparations and for the wedding itself!
    Pop in when you have time again!

  5. Wow how scary about your little girl I am so glad she is ok..Congrats to your Son on his big day can't wait to see the pictures....South Africa is so pretty I would love to visit there some day it is on my bucket list :)

  6. HI Paola, it all sounds very exciting!! Do try to enjoy all of it, with all that running around that may be difficult to do. Hugs, Frea

  7. Oh my! Glad to hear that your little girl is going to be OK. Headaches like that are scary, not to mention painful! Ouch on your son's tongue. The rest of it sounds exciting and tiring! You're going to need a vacation at the end of it all. Will be looking forward to the pictures. Don't worry we'll all be here when you recover from it all!

  8. Oh my sweet friend! With all that I've been undertaking here on this front I had no idea how desperate things were for you these past few weeks. I'm so glad to hear that Shani (sp?) is doing better with the medication. She is just too young to be dealing with Migrain's!!! Just hearing about Yuvall (sp?) biting his tongue that badly made my eyes water. What a tender part of the mouth to injure and 5 stitches is no small thing. I hope there was no nerve damage. I hope you're being gentle with yourself and taking good care and getting lots of rest. I will try to skype soon, but it's spring break here and none of the kids are at school! (taking a large breath and letting it out slowly)
    Love to you BFF

  9. my dear paola, i send you much love and hugs, and wish all things good for you and yours,
    im just an email away babe,
    thinking of you

  10. Wow, Paola, I only hope you can relax come April! Take care hope everything turns out okay.


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