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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No idle hands in my house!

As you can imagine with less than two weeks to the "wedding" i am very busy, but i wanted to share with you what has been keeping me soo busy.  We decided that the flower girls would look really sweet with ringlets and since its been soo long since i have made ringlets i decided we needed a trial run.  Over the weekend i spent the better half of three hours winding my girls hair in rags, after lathering the hair in tons of gel, since it will have to last all day when the big day arrives.  they had to sleep with it in so that i could be sure it was dry, then we took out the rags on Sunday morning and then combed it out and retwist the ringlets so they are nice and soft.  I pinned up a few pieces so it would hang in layers down their backs, and then we palyed with added tiara's and pins etc.
This year we are celebrating "Purim" which is a Jewish holiday that the kids all dress up and we give gifts to one another, namely food baskets of dried fruits and nuts and perhaps a drink, nothing big, just a token gift, sometimes we add choccies, you get the idea.  Anywho i saw these fab baskets on Dena's blog and thought they would be lovely for the purpose of giving Mishloach manot.  My future dil saw them and decided that they would be great for the girls at the wedding too, so i made these in the wedding colors also.
We are collecting our dresses later today so look out for pics of those.
P.S: i am gonna enter my baskets into the challenge on the Crafty cardmakers challenge as they want you to use fabric, which there is tons of tulle all over these beautiful little baskets.


  1. Wow! You've obviously been very busy! I handmade mostly everything for my daughter's wedding so I understand how much work it is. Beautiful baskets.

  2. OH are so busy. The hair looks lovely, the baskets are so dinky. You seem to be having fun albeit under pressure! Any feedback on the invites yet? I don't mean answers, I mean compliments!

  3. Oh Paola, those girls are just going to look so lovely. The baskets are so pretty, you must feel very pleased with it all coming together now.

  4. Paola! Awe everything looks awesome. The hair, the baskets....What a wonderful gift to your daughter to do so much hands-on for her wedding!!! I'm glad you found a use for these baskets. I was thinking the same thing that they would be cute as flowergirl baskets! I can't wait to see pics of the wedding!
    Hugs, Dena

  5. Love the girls hair, pretty. Your baskets are gorgeous and they will be so pretty for the wedding. Wish your family all the fun and happiness for the wedding.

  6. Wow Paola, those baskets are fabulous! And you must be exhausted after all those ringlets! I can't imagine all the work! They are beautiful!

  7. Oh wow!! The hair looks so precious! :) The baskets are so stunning!! WOW!! you go girl!!

  8. Hi Paola... I'm back! The girls hair looks fabulous. Just love those ringlets and the baskets came out absolutely beautifully my friend. I can't believe you whipped them up so quickly and easily... you are super talented. hugs Sharon

  9. Can't believe this is hard work when you are having sooooo much fun with hair and fabrics !!! rofl

    Hugs, sandra xx

    p.s. the girls hair looks amazing, well done !!!

  10. This looks amazing - this wedding is really going to be something. amazing baskets - so pretty.
    Paula (PEP)

  11. Wow I'm loving the hair (can remember a long time ago doing things like this for mine!!) the bling loks perfect and your daughters hair just looks so lush and healthy! I'm also loving these baskets all of them look adorable! What a lucky girl you future DIL is to have such a talented future MIL!!!!! Have fun Lots of love Chanelle xxx

  12. WOW, these little baskets are absolutely lush, no wonder your DIL to be wanted them for the bridesmaids. Wishing the very best of luck to you all for the big day.

    These were just the sort of thing I was hoping to see when I set the challenge.

    Thank you for joining in with our fabric challenge at Crafty Cardmakers.

    Lin xx

    PS Your Daughters' hair is amazing!

  13. Gorgeous...the hair and the baskets! Can't wait to see more. Looks like you are having fun, even if it is a lot of work, it's all going to be worth it!

  14. I'm in total AWE!! Wow your daughter's hair is AMAZING and so are your baskets!! I can't wait to see more pics of the wedding. I'm sure it will be absolutely beautiful!! Your daughter is Gorgeous!!!!
    Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

  15. I remember doing ringlets into my girls hair when they were younger, it looks lovely. Those little bags are gorgeous.

  16. Very6 beautiful and unusual project. I'm sure your DIL will adore these baskets!
    (btw your daughter has such beautiful hair! Why oh why, do so many girls cut their hair?)
    Thank you for sharing with us over at Crafty CardMakers this week!

  17. Dear Paola,
    Your daughter's hair looks marvellous!! Good thing the little girls don't mind sleeping in the rags! You spent so much time doing the hair! They are going to look wonderful on the Wedding day.

    Oh your baskets are stunning!!! Such a great idea for the Wedding! I can't believe how gorgeous they all are......Beautiful colours! I hope your DIL appreciates the many things you are doing for her?

    Big hugs, Candy

  18. Oh Paola her hair is stunning! And I LOVE the baskets!
    Will you be posting wedding pictures? I love looking at pictures!
    Good luck with everything!


    We need a tute to do this ringlets lol!!!Time for some hair time for us lol!

    TWO! I wa sabout to say if Dena seen your baskests!! Yeah i saw she was here lol!

    OH MY GOSH!! Dena doesn't realised what she started lol! I been wanting to do a basket for my girls but Dt commitments have been taking over me.

    ANY WHOO, Your baskets are freakin gorgeous wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we want more pixs ok lol!HOW GORGEOUS WERE THOSE WOW!Ruby♥


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