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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ponchos pronto

 We went ice skating this morning, it is so cold here in SA, if you were planning a trip to Africa thinking it would be warm, rather go to the desert, it is frigid here, we have 10"C, which means around 47"F.  Go somewhere warm!!!
 Why go ice skating when its so cold, well it is as cold in the ice rink as it is out doors, so when we came home at 2pm i got stuck right in and made the girls these ponchos, now if that isnt a poncho pronto, made two in about 1 1/2 hours, the girls love them.
be back later with a card hopefully


  1. I think your Poncho's are terrific Paola. Telle Shani and Eden they look so warm and cute. It's a bit warmer in Cape Town, but golly it's freezing! hugs Sharon

  2. You are amazing girlfriend.. Two poncho's in an hour and a half... YOU GO GIRL!!!

  3. P.S. Are trying to get sympathy that 47 degrees is cold....not from me!!!! that's not cold, especially when it get's down to single digits here...and we get ice storms and snow storms, and lose power from all that good stuff on the trees, and cars go slip sliding away. So no sympathy from me, but I still love ya baby



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