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Sunday, February 5, 2012

finding a happy balance in my bedroom

 when we first moved into our house i found that this random window we had above our bed was not centred for the bed to be in the middle of the room, AAARRRGGG!! well while browsing i found this amazing bedroom transformation by Olga over on stardust deco and style you gotta go check it out.
I do realise that hers looks way more wow than mine, but i am sure you can agree its a huge improvement.
 So initially i added the white tulle over the bed while my husband was on a business trip to China i got all gung ho wanting to surprise him, since when i suggested doing this he said we would have to get someone in to do it.
 Well i didnt get anyone in, i almost killed myself standing on one of my side tables drilling the hole into the ceiling which is concrete and i had the drill on the wrong setting for masonry, we live and learn. 
 Well i decided the other day that the tulle wasnt enough of a gather so went and bought some very pale turquiose to add to the gather and i much prefer the added tulle.
now that i thin its done i may want to have to paint the walls here with a few vertical stripes, we'll see.
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  1. WOWZER girlfriend! What a fab transformation, aren't you so talented?! Luv the tulle above the bed idea. Enjoy your new haven! Lotsa luv, hugs xxxx

  2. It looks gorgeous and has softened the look of the room completely, think the colour was a touch of brilliance it.xx

  3. Wow, what a difference the tulle made and the turquiose transformed the room 100%. I think the vertical stripes will also add to it. You go girl. It truly is stunning


  4. It's great Paola! And romantic! And you did the holes on the ceiling all by yourself? Wow! Hats off!

  5. What about having this look for summer and for winter add some more heavier drapery? I'm thinking something like silk for my bedroom as well!

  6. Wow! What a fabulous transformation! Sooooooo romantic! That added turquoise really makes a huge difference! Now, a few candles, a bottle of good wine and........wink wink!
    Love you
    Barb <><

  7. How smart of you! A woman of many talents!

  8. Oh Wow Payola, you need to go on a show with decorators and teach them a thing or two, you are just that great Amazing what you did with that room. Like Barb said, a few lit candles, a bottle of wine and thee... Marvelous! Love your colors and your make over.. keep up the job.
    Hugs, Jean

  9. Hi Paola that looks gorgeous I can remember one of my daughters doing a similar thing around her bed, she had to look like a four poster, and it looked stunning. hugs Shirleyxxx

  10. Nice Nice!! Looks great! That tulle adds so much!


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