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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

while i'm away

I know that most of you think i must be twiddling my thumbs, but i am by no means idle.  I have gotten quite gung ho on the diy front.  I found this table last year at hospice/ goodwill and as you will see it needed tons of love.  I got it home, sanded it, wood filled the breaks after glueing them and clamping them, and then forgot about it.

So while my sister was here helping me move house a few months back we found this table base that we thought may be nice to make a lamp out of, well it turns out that my repair job on the forementioned table obviously left a lot to be desired as it fell apart, the legs were just too far gone and the table top well that could live another life.  So i painted the clock face onto the table top and then attached the top to the centre support using dowel sticks, must just tell you this was another project that almost didnt see the light of day as the glue i used took FOREVER to dry.  I think it does well in our living room.


  1. Paola, this is stunning.. You really have an eye for what can be done to what others would see as an eye sore or a piece of junk of furniture. I absolutely LOVE it!!!you should open a shop. Stuff like this in the right place in NY would sell for tons of $$$$.


    Hope to chat with you later gater

  2. Hey honey...I found your MOJO!!!!! Anyone who can create something this fabulous has no problem with mojo!!! I love this...and the clock on the top is perfect!!!! Bring it when you come to the USA, OK? hehehe! Can't wait to see how the girls' beds come out! Hugs. Pat Frank


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