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Friday, February 18, 2011

Craft room confusion simplified in Africa!!

WHOOOOOOO!!!!! YIIIIPPPPEEE!!!    i am sooooo excited to share with my fellow SAfrican crafters that we can now also have craft rooms that look FABULOUS! 
Remeber when sliced bread was introduced?  Well here's the next best thing, you are gonna LOVE this, these cubes are all enterchangeable, and fit together, which means the only limit is the svailable space that you have.  If its a cupboard, then no problem it fits in the cupboard, if its a room stack it to the roof, if its your desk, then we have items for your desk.  These designs all come as raw, blank wood, so that nobody can say BUT! My craft room is Pink, blue, purple, spray whatever color you like and make it YOURS!
Dont wait till your friends all have them and you are green, get in touch NOW! THESE ITEMS ARE HOT!!
chast soon
P.S: there are too many items for me to load pictures of everything here, so if you are interested please email me via the link above


  1. WOWZER Girlfriend, stunning!! You never told me you had these? Sure they're gonna sell like hot cakes! Lotsa luv, hugs xxxx

  2. Hi Paola, that sure looks interesting, but do I understand correctly that this is produced in S.A.? Because your parcel still hasn't arrived I'm a little relucted ordering stuff from over there. Postal services don't seem to be very reliable... but it sure looks great esp. the ribbon storage (always a problem). Hugs, Frea

  3. Hi Paola... these look really cool... what are they made of... and do you have prices... please email me

  4. OMG Paola I want some. They look awesome. Can you get them in Australia. Might have to do a google search.

  5. Hi
    This is fantastic news, as I am just planning to have a make over of my craft room, can you please mail me more info and the prizes
    LOL Coleen


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