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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kenny k's weekly challenge

The powers that be at my kids school stole my whole morning, had to get to a fund raiser this morning at the crack of dawn and have only just managed to get home, and i am exhausted, do you think thats an age thing or do you think its related to the kilometres we had to walk to raise funds?  One would think that the parents didnt pay exhorbitant school fees at private schools.
Well enough complaining and on to the fun bit:  There is a fab new challenge over at Kenny K's, "Bold and Bright" and the Uber talented B team have done a brilliant job to inspire you, so pop over to the Challenge blog and join in the fun.
Hope you are all having a fab weekend


  1. Mornin Paola! My son is in public school and having come from Washington state where you don't pay fees for every little thing, I was blown away. There's a fee for every darn thing. We're barely gettin it all done. I don't know what families worse off than us do. It's just crazy. For instance in order for my son to have his picture in the senior section of the yearbook he has to pay $25, that doesn't include anything else. The yearbook itself is $65 and he doesn't even get it till next year, after he's graduated and gone! Argh, okay I'm all riled up now. Better go craft and calm down - LOL

  2. Hope you are ok after the fund raiser!!! My children have all left school thank goodness!!
    Not been on the blog until today and I missed the beautiful sleeping Fairie I just love this digi and the colours you have done it in are perfect!!

    Oh and well done on getting the copic's bet your inundated with orders!!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your day Paola Love Chanelle xx


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